Three Seasonal Specials from Eight Degrees


I was very lazy and somehow managed to neglect the most recent Eight Degrees Seasonal Trio. ( I’m not even going to use the ‘C’ word!) I had picked up a pair of each myself and had been given more as presents so I ended up with a few of each. The first, Snow Eater, is named after a warm wind that helps melt the snow on the sides of the Rockies. It was hopped with Chinook, Simcoe and Amarillo. I liked it’s juicy citrus flavours and piney hop bite.


Signal is a Belgian Stout, or as the helpful label notes state an ‘Irish Export Stout brewed with a Belgian Ale Yeast’. They go mad for the Guinness Special Export Stout over in Belgium and I’d say it’d be interesting to taste the two side by side. It’s not going to happen though! This was a decent beer but it didn’t blow me away.


Mór is a BIG Barleywine that lives up to it’s name. This one won me over with it’s caramel maltiness, it had a gentle warm alcohol aftertaste which you’d expect in a 10.2% beer. I found it good for sipping after a heavy meal. Have you tried these yourself? Apparently there are still some to be had. I don’t feel too bad about my tardiness, after all, today was the first time we’ve seen snow this winter. Sláinte!

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  1. Mike says:

    I wish I could try that barleywine. It’s my favourite style in the winter months. Mmmmmmmm

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