Those Crafty Germans


The Crafty Brewing Company is a beer specially brewed at Rye River for Lidl. The branding is fairly consciously hipsterish, whether that’s ironic I’m not sure. Anyway, the taste is what really matters.


I had the Irish Pale Ale first, it’s fruity as fuck, thanks to the Ella hops. A very enjoyable Pale Ale with a decent whack of flavour for a 4.5% beer.


I had the Red Ale with a roast chicken dinner last night. It says on the label that it’s sweet and hoppy. I agree with at least half of that statement.


My marvellous wife had stuffed the chicken with lemon and added some honey to the carrots and those fruity, sweet flavours played nicely with the beer. A decent but not amazing Red.


The Irish Stout is pleasingly dry. I thought there was a hint of smokiness to it. It’s very drinkable. At less than €2 for 500ml bottles these are serious value. And after being given samples of McGargles on Friday I’d like to point out that I paid for these ones myself. The blog isn’t sponsored by Rye River, or anyone else for that matter… Give them a lash. Sláinte!

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  1. Lar says:

    Yep…. Hassle back is correct… 🙂

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