Balanced, Brown and Bearish


I am pretty sure today is the actual Centenary of the 1916 Rising. Which means that I’m actually not too late getting my hands on Kevin Dundon’s Arthurstown 1916 Proclamation Porter. The beer is confusingly described as a Traditional Irish Stout. But I suppose 1916 Proclamation Stout doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. No matter, I picked this one up in my local Super Valu in Moate. It has some very pleasant roast malt flavours and went down very nicely indeed. I’d imagine it going well with food, beef in particular, well worth picking up a bottle or two.


William’s Brother’s Golden Ratio is dubbed a ‘Perfectly Proportioned Golden Ale’ and do you know what? That’s not too far wide of the mark! It’s a grand Summery Ale, well balanced and refreshing. This one worked well with some salmon fishcakes. I picked it up in Aldi. 


Brown Bear of Connemara Brown Ale is brewed for Aldi in the Station Works Brewery in Newry. Apparently before the last ice age Ireland was home to many large Brown Bears. Who knew? I had heard mixed reports on this one but said I would give it a go. It looks good, more Amber than Brown and the first mouthful wasn’t bad. But there was a weird metallic aftertaste. I persevered and had a few more sips but it was still there. In the end I couldn’t finish it. Perhaps there was something wrong with my bottle? Let me know if you’ve had a better experience. Sláinte!

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3 Responses to Balanced, Brown and Bearish

  1. Thomas says:

    Another Brilliant review

  2. steve leech says:

    Lovely ale to enjoy .. very smooth and only 1.90 a bottle in aldi

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