Gimme Hope Joanna!


Hope are a (relatively) new brewery based in Howth. I picked up two of their beers when I visited Drinkstore over the weekend. (It was my first visit, I kind of lost the run of myself.) Passifyoucan is a Blonde Ale hopped with Magnum, Citra and Wakatu. They give you a LOT of detail on the nicely designed label including the back story of the name and the malt and yeasts that were used.  But if you want to read all of it you’ll have to pick up your own bottle. And you should, this is a rather tasty sup. I was having a warm chicken salad and the label suggested pairing the beer with chicken, (is there anything they didn’t think of?) I dutifully complied. It proved a suitable pairing, the subtle bitterness complimented the dish very nicely. Good job.


Grunt is a Saison that I sipped in the RDS in March, I said at the time that it was ‘very refreshing’. The bottle holds true to that statement. This is a dry spicy brew that includes juniper, lemongrass and bergamot. Not your common or garden Irish Craft Beer then. Both give great Hope for the future. Sláinte!

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