Boyne Brewhouse Beers


I recently commented on one of the social medias that Boyne Brewhouse Beers weren’t available in my part of the world. On my last visit to O’Brien’s, lo and behold, three of them in the fridge and at only €10 for four. Last night I got stuck into them starting with the Pagan’s Pillar, a Copper Ale. I think Four Provinces may have started a trend with their Hurler.  The beer is indeed a pleasing shade of copper. I ended up having this with some stir fried beef and noodles semi accidentally. I would have plumped something hoppier to match the spiciness of the dish but I was impressed by how well this coped. I’d imagine it going well with a variety of dishes including hearty stews and sausages. A very nice Red/Copper Ale.


The Long Arm is a Dortmunder Export style Pilsner brewed with Saaz hops. It’s quite dry and refreshing with a slightly oily mouthfeel. I’d say this one would taste even better after finishing cutting the grass.


Born In A Day is an American Style Pale Ale. Brewed with Australian hops, so maybe it should be Australian Style Pale Ale. I have had this before and liked it so I went for two bottles of this one. It’s citrussy and a little bitter and definitely the strongest tasting of the three. Which brings me to my next point. All three are just 4.8% which is unusual and I suspect deliberate. Very clever. Pick up a few and try them yourself. Sláinte! 

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