Eight Degrees Single Hop Number One


Another week, another special from Eight Degrees. Really lads, you’re spoiling us. This one is the first in a series of Single Hop IPAs with Citra being the hop singled out. Many IPA fans will be familiar with the tropical fruitty taste of Citra from American Style IPAs where it is often coupled with Cascade and Centennial. I reckon this one stands up one it’s own quite well. My only caveat would be that the beer tastes a little thin by comparison to say, the Full Irish. That said, it was very tasty and put my thirst to bed last night.
Eight Degrees have their two different types of glassware, a smaller tulip and their pint glass but I reckon they need a special IPA receptacle at this stage. If any of the people who make descions down there in Cork are reading please throw that into the ideas box. Sláinte!

Ps: this will be my last post before Saturday’s Midlands Craft Beer Festival, I hope to see some of you there. More details on the Facebook page and on Twitter #MCBF16

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