Happy Birthday White Hag! 

The White Hag Brewing Company celebrated their second birthday yesterday and they invited me and quite a few other people to the party. They had some of the finest Irish breweries and a couple over from London so I was very excited. I didn’t arrive until just after four so I got stuck in with Yellow Belly’s new American Oat Ale called The Red Oats Are Coming. Red Ales were mentioned on Twitter during the week as being a somewhat disappointing style. True to form, this one is a little bit different. It has lots of maltiness, those lovely American hops and it’s rounded off with the smooth oats. I had a burger from the barbecue to provide some of the proverbial soakage. Mmmm, tasty burger. 

Kinnegar’s new Rhubarb and Ginger Sour Walla Walla was fantastic. Really juicy and refreshing. I somehow managed to get myself roped into hosting the Brewers’ Q and A. So it was probably just as well that I’d had a couple of beers. 

On stage we had Dec from YellowBelly, Rick from Kinnegar, Grainne from Metalman, Joe from White Hag, Cormac from Redchurch, Paul from Beavertown and Richard from Black Donkey. I think it was a bit dramatic of Richard to leap from his motorcycle on to the stage but the guy has flair. I think it was a fun and informative session from a very knowledgeable group of Beer folk. And me. 

I was very thirsty after all of the questions but Redchurch’s excellent Great Eastern India Pale Ale put me right. 

Then I had a White Hag, Black Boar White Sow float. It wasn’t on the menu but it went down a treat! ( White Sow ice cream in Black Boar)

Then there was some salsa style shenanigans. 

Beavertown’s Preacher Man Peach Cobbler Wit continued my dessert theme in fine style. 

Then I had OtterBank’s Beta Barrel 1, which was a delightful sour.

Chrissy brought out the cake, and we all sang Happy Birthday to White Hag! I have to say it was a very impressive set up, the London lads are lucky enough to have these kind of events regularly and hopefully we can see more of it over here over the next couple of years. Well done to all involved, thanks for having me and I’m already looking forward to the next bash. Sláinte! 

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