The Draft House, Strandhill 

I was camping in Strandhill at the weekend and was happy to find a cracking Craft Beer Pub within easy walking distance of the campsite. The whole family went for dinner early Sunday evening. We were seated upstairs which is a lovely bright space that boasts amazing views. 

I started off with a Black Donkey Scythe which went rather well with both starters, chicken wings and ham croquettes. We shared the starters, and those wings were the best I’ve had in a while. You’ll have to trust me that they looked good too. 

My wife chose the fish and chips for her main. 

And I went with the steak paired with a Porterhouse Plain Porter. 

Traditional but very tasty. The service was good and friendly and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I went back later in the evening and had a White Hag White Sow for dessert. 

And I finished off with a Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter.

Really impressed with The Draft House. Make sure and pay them a visit if you’re in the North West. On the subject of good food in Strandhill I must mention Shell’s, their breakfasts are amazing. We went there both mornings. Sláinte! 

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