Apples and Oranges at The Big Grill 

Olan from Dan Kelly’s Cider has been telling me that I had to go to The Big Grill for the last couple of years. Finally the stars were in the right alignment and I was able to go today. We formed a mini convoy with some friends from Moate and set a course for Ballsbridge. My first stop was the Trouble Brewing bar where they had a bit of a novel one. It was Mandarin Crush Fruit Lager, an India Pale Lager hopped with Mandarina Bavaria which had a rake of mandarins added in to the brew. The twist was that it was served with a slushie head. It was like a Hoppy Super Split! (A Super Split is/was an orange flavoured ice pop!) 

Another of Olan’s recommendations was Asador’s steak on a garlic flatbread. It was only gorgeous.

Next stop was Box Burger’s stand for some Buffalo Fries. The craic was definitely happening around there, if you got a lucky throw of the dice your food was free! 

I swung by Eight Degrees bar for their new Kolsch Style Beer, the cleverly named Going Out Out! Very nice it was too. 

I made my way to Neil Rankin/Andre Lima De Luca’s stand for some Sugar Baked Ham which came with white peaches, lime and coriander. 

I had a glass of  Dan Kelly’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Cider with that. It was a match made in heaven. 

I went for a half of Summer, Metalman’s English Pale Ale. It tasted like an orange grove. And that’s a good thing. 

The kids enjoyed themselves too with plenty for them to do and see. 

The cookies were very tasty, I had one with chocolate and candied bacon. 

And then I hit up O Brother for their Hoppy Pilsner The Wanderer. Daycent. 

White Hag’s Irish IPA was pouring so I went for some of that along with my last meat of the day. DJ BBQ had beef soaked in Dan Kelly’s Cider Vinegar accompanied by dirty onions in a bun. I lashed some spicy sauce on top of that and I was happy out! 

And on my way out I grabbed one of Hope’s new limited edition Session IPAS. I was suitably impressed. 

Kudos to all involved. It’s a really great family festival and everyone went home happy. Sláinte! 

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