Sweetwater hits Ireland! 

Iconic American brewery Sweetwater’s beers are going to be available in Ireland from next week. This is a considerable coup, as it’s the first time they have exported their beer. They only agreed to it because Rye River Brewing Company are taking excellent care of their beer to ensure it’s in fantastic condition when it reaches beer lovers here. 

The more observant among you will know that I’m now employed by Rye River. That’s not why I’m writing this though, we were all given samples to bring home and I was just was bursting to share them with all of you. And tonight the embargo was lifted! 

Blue is a summery Wheat Ale brewed with blueberries. I half expected it to have a blue tinge. But no, it looks like beer. I had it earlier this evening sitting out in the sun and it was very easy drinking. I’m happy to report the blueberries aren’t overly sweet. One mellow beer. 

There is a distinct shortage of Brown Ales in the Irish market so I was happy to see Georgia Brown included in the shipment. I enjoyed this one with some locally made honey and cocoa cake. I’d say it would go well with a range of sweet treats, bread and butter pudding with custard would also work. The tagline ‘smoother than a Bill Clinton apology’ is apposite. 

420 Extra Pale Ale is a West Coast Style Beer and we all know what that means! More hops! Those all American classics Centennial and Cascade are crammed in here. It’s proper juicy. I can see this one becoming a staple in my fridge. 

The IPA is hopped with Chinook, Cascade, Columbus and some Simcoe and US Goldings are added at the finish. It’s 6.3% so handle with care. It’s piney, citrussy, dry, bitter and delicious, ticks all of my IPA boxes. One for all of you hop heads! Keep your eyes peeled for these great beers. Sláinte! 
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  1. Lucky you. I can’t get this in Canada and I’m much closer.

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