Irish Craft Beer Festival 2016 Preview

This year’s Irish Craft Beer Festival kicks off on the 8th of September and runs until the 10th in the RDS. I’m hoping to replace my rather nice glass (not that one! ^^^) which only smashed last month. I may also have a few ales. There are a few absences including Yellow Belly and my employer Rye River but there’s still plenty of choice. O’Hara’s are launching their latest special: Festhalten which is a Bavarian style Hefeweizen. They also have a good few exclusives for the festival including a Grapefruit IPA, Wild Side Sour Cherry and a Barrel Aged Red Ale which will be on cask. Kinnegar are bringing a Belgian Amber dubbed One For Ronan. 

I’m looking forward to trying Blaager from Metalman, love the name of that one and they are getting fairly literal with their seasonals: Summer and Autumn. Wicklow Wolf are bringing their new IPA: Easy Lover, as well as a pair of firkins; one full of Raspberry Pale Ale and a one with Cookies and Cream Kolsch with coco nibs and vanilla pods. They sound like dessert. Mont are bringing their Nude Lager. And last but, by the sounds of it, not least Eight Degrees are bringing Supernova, a DIPA. There are also some interesting sounding talks from the more established brewers and the up and comers.And for the hirsute gentlemen Mountain Man are having a Beard of the Festival competition, the ladies aren’t left out, knitted beards are the order of the day for the Queen of the Beards event. For more and to book check out:


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