Boundary Brewing: a co-operative brewing great ales! 

Back in May I met a man in Manchester who claimed to own a brewery in Ireland. He wasn’t lying. He was one of the many who funded the Boundary Co-operative. I hadn’t yet had their beers so I was happy see their stand at Cork’s Great Irish Beer Festival. I really enjoyed their American Pale Ale. Bradley’s are stocking some Boundary beers so I brought a few bottles back up to the Midlands. 

The American Pale Ale didn’t disappoint from the bottle. And with apologies for trotting out a total cliché: it certainly packs in a lot of hoppy flavour for a 3.5% beer! 

Push and Pull is an evolving IPA which uses different hops in every brew. This batch included Chinook, Summit and Cascade. It tastes as good as that combination sounds.

The India Pale Ale is also very good but if I had to pick one of the three to drink for the rest of my life (I really hope that scenario never plays out), it’d be the American Pale Ale! I also picked up the Export Stout but I’m saving it for another day. Sláinte! 

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