…then two come along at once! 

A couple of exciting new and newish beers have come out of Rye River Brewing in the past couple of weeks. These are the first to hit since I started working there. 

The beer for Lidl’s Crafty Brewing Company is brewed at Rye River. The new American Style Pale Wheat Ale was brewed to brewer Bill Laukitis’ recipe. It’s a juicy beauty. The Mosaic and Cascade hops combine to create a delicious tropical cocktail. This evening I paired it with some spicy chicken that I made using a Rachel Allen cookbook. I’d say it would go quite well with a lot of dishes of that ilk. It’s a limited edition so don’t wait around to try it. 

The ‘newish’ beer is McGargles Toothless Dec’s Brown Ale which has made a very welcome reappearance after a long absence. This one is perfect for supping fireside. A wee video was made to celebrate the relaunch click here to view! This one is going to be available in McGargles Four Pack samplers. Keep an eye out for it. Sláinte! 

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