It’s great to be a Viking. 

Did I ever tell you about my Viking ancestry? No? Well, legend has it that my Great × a couple of Greats Grand Pappy was Broder. And around a thousand years ago Broder was the guy who split Brian Boru’s head open while he knelt praying. Brian Boru was the High King of Ireland at the time but that put a fairly abrupt end to his reign. Now that may be entirely fictitious but didn’t someone once say we should never let the truth get in the way of a good story? 

In the services on my way home from work last night I was tapped on the shoulder and handed a pair of cans of Wicklow’s HopKnut. Or Wykinglo HopKnut to give it’s Viking name. Wykinglo was the Viking name for Wicklow and Knut might just have been the King of the Vikings when Broder was doing his thing with an axe. 

I brought one of the cans with me today and had it with a picnic enjoyed looking out over Galway Bay. The Vikings never made it over that far. I can confirm that it goes very well with sausage rolls. And Mossfield’s soft organic cheese. I tried it with some mandarins too but it’s more on the grapefruit part of the citrus spectrum. There is also some very pleasant toffee malt to provide balance. At 4.9% it’s just the right side of sessionable so do yourself a favour and pick up a couple of cans for yourself. Sláinte! 

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