It’s of an agricultural nature. 

I didn’t think Ear To The Ground was a programme for me. But then my Dad rang and told me that Mescan Brewery were on! And when you think about it, a pair of vets brewing on repurposed dairy equipment is pretty fecking agricultural. Bart and Killian have been making some great Belgian Style beers for a few years now so it was no surprise to see a Saison on the shelf. And of course we all know that a Saison is a traditional Farmhouse Ale! 

You’ll have to forgive me for making the obvious comparison with Black Donkey’s Sheep Stealer which set the bar for me. Westport Saison is earthy where that’s peppery. It also features some pleasant light lemonyness/lemoniness. ( yup, I’m making up words now!) I’m not going to say this is better than Sheep Stealer as that would be akin to comparing, eh, peppers and lemons. But I will say that this would go exceptionally well with seafood. Or maybe even a lemon meringue pie. Pick one or two up if you see it in one of those good independent off licences. Sláinte! 

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