Pink to make the boys wink! 

Trouble Brewing’s second special fruit beer to be bottled is the latest version of Weisse City. It’s a Raspberry Berliner Weisse style beer. If you’re sitting outside a bar in Berlin gazing at the Brandenburg Gate you could well be sipping on a local favourite, Berliner Weisse with some Raspberry syrup mixed in. I actually did just that, many years ago, I think I found the beer too sweet! This however is sufficiently tart and dry and tastes rather more grown up than the Ribena it resembles. Trouble Brewing have considerately saved us the bother of faffing about with syrup by adding a shed load of raspberries to the kettle soured brew. 
Unfortunately you probably won’t be able to get your mitts on this beautiful beer in time for Valentine’s Day but check out their TwitterFacebook and Instagram   for more details. I’m just lucky that I was given a sample. Sláinte! 

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