Sheridan’s Festival of Irish Food, Beer, Cider and Cheese! 

It was a busy weekend of festivals with events taking place in Killarney and Belfast. I didn’t go to either of those but I found plenty to quench my thirst at Sheridan’s Irish Food Festival.  

Olan from Dan Kelly’s was offering more options than cider. He also had some very tasty Apple juice and cider vinegar. He suggested frying some red onion in the cider vinegar and using it to top your favourite burgers. 

Sally-Anne from Boyne had their new Cooney’s Cider but I was awkward and had a wee drop of their rather nice IPA instead. 

And all the way down the back of the event I found the O’Cleirigh mobile pouring some fine ales from it’s side. I opted for a Shurlukit Session IPA and it was absolutely perfect for the sunny afternoon that was in it. 

When we got home I stuck on the barbecue and grilled a few of the burgers we had picked up and topped them off with some of the delicious mature cheddar and enjoyed it with another of O’Cleirigh’s beers; Whisht Golden Ale. A perfect end to the day. Sláinte! 

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