Beer spots in Verona 

Work took me to Verona last weekend. A bit of internet research showed that there weren’t too many options for the craft beer lovers of the city. I decided to check out one or two while there. 

Pictured above is Osteria la Mandorla which is just around the corner from the Arena. It’s a small bar but there is seating downstairs too and they had three craft beers on draught; two session IPAs and a Pils. They also had a selection of bottles and cans in the fridge and loads of wine if you’re into that sort of thing. 

I really enjoyed Maso Alto’s Stranger Pils and it gets extra points for the very cool tap badge. I picked up a couple of the cans to bring home with me as we don’t see too many Italian craft beers here. Nice spot, worth a visit. 

Archivio is a short walk from Juliet’s balcony. And you’d be thirsty after the excitement of seeing the scene of Shakespeare’s great tragedy. 

This cozy bar had two taps from local brewery Mastro Matto. I went for the Hell first and it was very drinkable. 

And I enjoyed the malty Dunkel after that. The lady behind the bar was busy preparing fresh juices for their cocktails but still had time to chat and was very welcoming. The bar also had a range of bottles in the fridge and a good selection of Scotch whisky. Well worth a visit too. 

Another pub I visited on my travels was Hartigan’s Irish Pub. No craft beer there but you’d be guaranteed a warm welcome. And they had some interesting Irish memorabilia. 

The purpose of my visit was the launch of McGargles Francis Big Bangin’ IPA which you’ll be able to find in selected pubs around northern Italy for the next two months. It went down very well with the publicans with some of them asking for it to be a permanent addition to their line up. I’d call that a successful trip. Sláinte! 

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