Cirque de BrewDog

BrewDog’s Cinematic Circus took place in Weston Airport yesterday. It was the first major event they’ve put on over here and I was invited along as a guest. Fallen Lights were playing as I landed at the airport. They performed a crowd pleasing selection of covers with the odd original tune thrown in for good measure.

My first beer of the evening was Third Barrel’s appropriately named Strawberry Airfields, a Strawberry and Black Pepper Farmhouse Ale. It was lovely and summery.

Next up was BrewDog’s Jet Trash, a very drinkable West Coast IPA. I also enjoyed a pulled pork bao bun. Perfect street food.

I met up with several of my fellow beer aficionados. And I was instructed to try YellowBelly’s Tin Can of Emotion. It’s a 10% Double IPA. I misheard the name as Tin Can of Emulsion. Which wouldn’t be unusual from those crazy Wexford cats. But thankfully this sticky and sweet IPA tasted nothing like paint.

In a rather cheeky move I borrowed an Equity Punk pass to visit their special bar to try the special Mallow Mafia. It was an epic 12% Imperial Stout that nailed the marshmallow flavour. I tried the new Overworks sours and really liked the peach one. All of this supping was done with the somewhat unsettling film The Shining being shown on the cinema screen. The consensus was that this was a bit of a strange choice. One alternative suggestion was The Big Lebowski, keep it in mind for next year lads!

I finished up with Dog G, an even bigger Imperial Stout that clocked in at a whopping 17%. I actually preferred the more sessionable Mallow Mafia which was the beer highlight for me. I left before the Circus of Horrors and I’m kind of glad I did. Apparently one of the performers stapled a playing card to his scrotal sack. Ouch.

It was a very enjoyable and well organised event. Thanks for having me along. Sláinte!

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