‘Fruity Lagers are the future!’

‘Fruity Lagers are the future!’, this is according to Paul Digan from Carlow’s Brewing. He had tried our Ól Orange Lager at The Big Grill. And he gave me a Sleeping Limes from Wild Beer as further proof.

I opted to open the Rye River Ól first. This one is very sessionable at 4.4%. Orange zest was added in the boil and again in the fermentation vessel. But this isn’t a straightforward Lager as it was hopped with El Dorado and Amarillo, hops more commonly found in IPAs. The juicy flavours make it really easy to drink.

I’ve had, and enjoyed, Wild Beer’s Sleeping Lemons before, but Sleeping Limes was a new one to me. This Lager was brewed Gøse style with the addition of sea salt. This gave the beer a pleasing balance. The beer is very refreshing and interesting. Both beers are widely available nationally so pick up the pair and give them a try!

Roy Quare Swally’s recent post about bloggers and their motivation gave me pause for thought. I really can’t claim to be completely unbiased especially as I work in the industry, for Rye River, but luckily I have plenty of people to keep my feet firmly on the ground! And sure look, if someone (anyone?) wants to pony up for an all expenses paid trip to Portland to drink all de beerz who amongst us would turn it down? All of that said, I admire Roy’s principles. I’m quite sure discerning readers like yourself know the difference between a genuine opinion and sposonsored content. Well, I really hope so anyway! Cheers for reading, let me know if you have any thoughts on the subject…

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  1. Cheers for the mention Simon.
    The rant I had wasn’t about any beer bloggers so you can rest easy. 🙂
    More about so-called lifestyle bloggers or those who are given freebie after freebie by restaurants, supermarkets, or even baby product manufacturers!

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