My maiden visit to the Sunflower.

On Saturday evening I happened to be in Belfast and I let two of my Twitter beer buddies know that I was planning a visit to the Sunflower. My first.

Roy Quare Swally was waiting for me and selected Bullhouse’s Road Trippin’. This was an absolutely gorgeous juicy Pale Ale.

I stayed relatively local with the tasty Heaney’s Irish Pale Ale and Farmageddon’s IPA. Apparently Farmageddon’s tap room was in full swing the same evening but time wasn’t on my side. Next time. There was a trad session in full swing on the night which added to the lively atmosphere. There was also some proper Pizza baking in a wood fired oven in the beer garden. There were a couple of decent beers on draught too including old favourite Kinnegar’s Scraggy Bay. I can’t recommend a visit to the Sunflower enough. According to the lads this kind of a spot was unimaginable just a few years ago. On my way back south I stopped at Drinklink and picked up a few cans, including a few more Bullhouse beers. We then visited our friends. They had also picked up several of the same beers for me in Drinklink. I didn’t grumble. Sláinte!

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