The Revenge of the Pikemen!

Mural in The Slieve Bloom, Kinnitty

So, it turns out, the guy that built Kinnitty Castle wasn’t a nice dude. But this isn’t a history blog so I’ll let you do your own research. We went for a walk around Glenbarrow in the Slieve Bloom mountains today and I decided that we’d stop by the new brewery in Kinnitty on our way home.

Pikeman Red Ale in The Slieve Bloom

Kieran the proprietor gave me a great welcome and a tasty of their nice, malty Red Ale. He told me it was very popular with the locals and as he said it two mature gentlemen came up to the bar and called a pair of pints as if to prove his point!

With Alistair the brewer at Slieve Bloom

Kieran then brought me out to the back of the pub where they have a tidy brewing set up. Alistair, the brewer is one of only a small handful in Ireland that has studied at Heriot-Watt. And he is clearly dedicated to the cause, brewing on a Sunday afternoon.

Home grown hops in The Slieve Bloom

They have grown a small amount of hops in their garden and hope to use them in a future brew. I invited the lads to this year’s Midlands Craft Beer Festival and they said they’ll have a few brews ready to go by then. I was very impressed this spot, it’s an unpretentious pub with good local custom and I recommend paying a visit. Kieran kindly gave me a few samples to take home too. Sláinte!

Kieran pulling a pint of Pikeman Red Ale in The Slieve Bloom
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