The Invasion of the new Treaty cans!

Outcast from Treaty City

Treaty City have just launched their core range in some very snazzy cans. They very kindly sent me out some to try, addressed to ‘Simon Says Beer’! I popped open Outcast first. It’s labelled a Juicy IPA, and at 3.8% you could say a perfectly sessionable one too. It’s hazy and has a great floral aroma. Refreshing and crushable, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Treaty City Harris Pale Ale

Harris Pale Ale was probably the first beer I had from Treaty City way back in February 2015. Back then it had a weird bubblegum flavour which is thankfully a distant memory. It’s now a very solid easy drinking pale ale. Perfect core range beer that deserves to be highlighted as part of Flagship February.

Treaty City Invasion IPA

Invasion IPA was formerly known as Shannon River IPA. They’ve upped the abv slightly from 5.8 to 6% but retained the piney Centennial hop aroma and citrus bitterness. This makes for a very enjoyable American style IPA.

Treaty City’s Core Cans

The accompanying letter states that the ‘…move to cans is based primarily on Quality and Environmental basis.’ I can confirm that these are quality, cans are definitely the best way to keep beer fresh as they keep out oxygen and light. And the new can artwork will brighten up a dull day or a dark evening. They are available in several good off licences and will also ship nationwide: Sláinte and sure look, yurt!

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