Limerick, you’re a (land) lady…

Pints of Bay Ale in Mother Mac’s

A night away is always a good idea. Even if it’s raining. So a few of us headed to Limerick. My wife wanted to pay a quick visit to the Milk Market so that was our first stop. And Mother Mac’s is just around the corner and just had to be our second. The lads are obviously telepathic as they’d just tapped up a fresh keg of Bay Ale. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Mother Mac’s here before (someone go check!) but it bears repeating that it’s a lovely pub. They have a nice offering with a beer for most tastes. Nice relaxed atmosphere too.

Lost City of Pop in Crew

Crew Brewing have been closed longer than they’ve been open thanks to events. But it’s only a short walk from Mother Mac’s and I felt the need to check it out. They are serving straight from tanks behind the bar which is something you don’t see often in Ireland. Their Lost City of Pop ticks all of the New England Pale Ale boxes being soft and tropical. They also have a street food area about 100 metres away and a few people were enjoying food with their beers. Hopefully these guys get a good run at it this time!

Treaty City, Limerick

Treaty City have been around for a while longer and have featured on this blog a few times but this was my first opportunity to set foot in the place. I had a cracking Helles. It’s a cool spot which was comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. They also offer tours and are right beside King John’s Castle if you fancy a history lesson. It was great to see Treaty City’s local support too. They are pouring in Katie Daly’s, Patsy Flannery’s and The Commercial Bar, and I’m sure a few more spots around Limerick. Also, we had a gorgeous dinner in The Spitjack and they had beer from my old friends Rye River and Stonewell Cider. I have to say I was impressed with Limerick, it’s well worth visiting. Sláinte.

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