My first Oktoberfest by Simon Says Beer

A beer at the Viktualienmarkt

Ah, I don’t think I’d like Oktoberfest. Sure it’d be too busy, too messy, not my sort of scene at all. And I’ve been in Munich a few time before….

The boss: ‘lads, we’ve spaces in the Hofbraü* tent and accommodation organised, who’s in?’

Me: ‘g’wan so!’

When I first looked at flights the direct ones to Munich seemed a bit expensive (not a surprise given the amount of visitors expected) so I flew to Nuremberg and got the ICE train for €17! Would recommend.

Käsekrainer and sauerkraut

I was in Munich first so I waited for my colleagues in the Viktualienmarkt. It’s a lovely market and beer garden in the middle of the city. They rotate the pouring beers from the local breweries and it just happened to be Hofbraü’s turn. Tasty bit of grub too had me set up for the evening.

Outside the Hofbraü tent

Then we headed for Theresienwiese, a huge area with a clatter of massive tents. There’s also a rake of torture equipment or ‘amusements’ if you are interested in that sort of thing. As we were already late we skipped them and made our way into the Hofbraü tent.

The view from the balcony of the Hofbraü tent

Even a hardened cynic like myself couldn’t but be impressed by the scale of the tent, it holds about ten thousand people. The atmosphere was brilliant. The bands playing a mixture of traditional drinking songs and some slightly more modern classic hits. The beer, a 6.3% Märzen was so clean and light that you barely knew you were drinking it.

A massive mug of Märzen

One tip for this, and indeed any beer festival, don’t forget to eat. I reckon the hearty grub saved my bacon if you’ll pardon the expression. I had a nice few litres and managed not to make a complete show of myself. And no I didn’t dress up. Many thanks to Andreas and Hofbraü for their hospitality.

Augustiner Dunkles

Around midday the following day we were ready for a few more beers and Gaststätte Scheidegger had been recommended. Here I enjoyed an old favourite, Edelstoff and a Dunkles for a change. It’s a nice relaxed spot with good food and service.

Augustiner tent craic

We paid a brief visit to the Augustiner tent for a few frothy bois. And last on my agenda was a look at Oide Wiesn which replicates the Oktoberfests of yore with stalls and a more traditional ambience. The lads went back to the Hofbraü tent and it was time for me to head home. I think I might have to do this all again…Ein Prosit!

*I’m working with Fourcorners who sell Hofbraü in Ireland so we were their guests.

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