Ireland’s Strongest Beer: 2023 update

One of my most consistently read blogs is simply titled Ireland’s Strongest Beer. Way back in 2014 Porterhouse held the title for their 13.5% Devil’s Half Acre. You can read it: here – sadly the picture was lost in a cull to save space. There have been a few stronger beers in the interim but only now have I been stirred to start typing.

Dot Barrel Aged Peated Barley Wine

Dot have released a handsome quartet of boxed beers just in time for this festive season and I decided to give the Peated Barley Wine a go. The box is pretty informative; telling us that the beer was brewed by Francesco Sottomano, which means that it came from the old Brú brewery in Trim. It also notes honey as one of the ingredients. This Barley Wine clocks in at a whopper 18.2%. I think the aforementioned honey helps to round it out nicely. The peat character is there but by no means is it overpowering. The beer spent two years in rum barrels before a final six month stint in Oloroso. And if there’s one thing Shane from Dot knows, it’s how to choose lovely barrels. This is a beautifully balanced and complex sipper. Go out and grab one to savour one of these long dark evenings. Sláinte!

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