A Staffordshire Terrier


As I mentioned yesterday I picked up a few beers in Marks and Spencer over the weekend. A few years ago this supermarket only sold their own brand products. However they weren’t about to begin brewing wholesale. This Staffordshire IPA is made by Marston’s Brewery and they also sell it as Marston’s Indian Export. Having only today been disabused of my notions about the origins of IPA here:



(Truth triumphs over the myth!)
I thought today was a good day to popĀ  this one open. This classic English style IPA was made with mineral water from Burton On Trent. In the past this water became so popular for brewing that a process for making ordinary water like it was developed. This was called Burtonization. The beer is not as heavily hopped as most of the IPAs I’ve grown accustomed to. There is biscuity malt in the mix. It’s a slightly above average IPA more notable for the novelty of being ‘own brand’ and decent at the same time!

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  1. labeerscene says:

    Thanks for the plug! I would LOVE to try it sometime! Actually, I’ve got a 5 beer English IPA tasting blog coming up soon… Maybe I can make it 6 if I can find that one. Happy Beering!

    • I Would pop one in the post but for the fact that it’s ridiculously expensive and it would probably explode on the way. Those old sea merchants had the right idea with barrels after all!

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