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I don’t know what the marketing department of the Hardknott Brewery is thinking but they seem to be targeting the niche group who enjoy beer, maths and geometry equally. The clue is in the names of the beer. Azimuth is a ‘directional ipa’ with hops from around the world. Now where in the world is anyone’s guess! Anyways, this is a fruity ipa and it smells great. It is very orangey and not overly sweet. I would drink this again…


Queboid is a double ipa. Belgian yeast has been used in the brew. Again it is citrussy maybe a little more bitter, grapefruit instead of orange. There is some maltiness and a hint that this is 8%. A very good beer indeed.I first had this at the inaugural Alltech Beer Festival in Dublin earlier this year. The great news is that it will be back for a second installment.

I wrote briefly about this brewery before, you can read that here:


And also if you are curious like me and wonder what the hell an ‘azimuth’ is check this out as it is explained far better than I could even attempt to:


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