My Nashville Top Three & Last Night of the Trip


My entirely subjective Top Three Spots in Nashville are;
1) Yazoo Tap Room for the best beer in town.
2) The Bluebird Cafe for atmosphere.
3) Tootsies for the craic (pity about the beer).
So on our last night in Nashville we qued in the freezing cold for an hour to get into the above mentioned Bluebird. As you can guess I think it was worth it, I’m not even the fan in the family of Nashville the tv show. Plus they had Yazoo Pale Ale and Dos Perros in bottles.

After the show we hit Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. I had a Jackalope Rompo Red Rye Ale. It went perfectly with the local speciality Hot Chicken.

Two great spots for breakfast are the Pancake Pantry and Pucketts. Pucketts serves beer too but I prefer/need Orange Juice and Coffee in the morning. 

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