There is such thing as good French beer…

While traversing the wilds of County Meath at the weekend I stopped in to an off licence in the never ending search for new beers to try. My enquiries were met with a very blank stare and I left with a pair of bottles from Saint Landelin.

I had the first a ‘Blanche’ or white beer with the ultimate comfort food Mac and Cheese. This recipe was adapted by my wife from Jamie Oliver’s version. Very nice, pity about the beer. I should know better at this stage than to judge a book or bottle by it’s cover and sadly didn’t even read the label. These beers contain additives! Now I looked them up and they are citric acid and anti oxidants so not the worst things ever but it’s the principle, damnit! I am one of those people who can remember having milk unhomegnised and unpasteurised. Those were better, simpler times. Either way this beer is bland and doesn’t have much to recommend it.

The second beer from the Saint Landelin stable was the Ambree. It was slightly more palatable than it’s fairer sister. There’s a good beer shop in Paris, not too far from the Georges Pompidou Centre, it’s run by a pleasant chap who is also called Simon. I may pay him another visit some day, if he’s survived the ‘economic crisis’. There is good French beer but this isn’t it, this is a rare instance of Simon Says…you really shouldn’t drink this!

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