Sometimes it’s ok to be the designated driver…


Last night I volunteered to take the driving duty down to Galway where James Vincent McMorrow was kicking off his Irish tour in the Seapoint Ballroom. It was a fantastic show with material from his two quite different albums coalescing into a set that really worked. The sound and lighting were superlative. But (you knew a ‘but’ was coming! ), the bar selection meant that I was happy to be on the dry. The bar gentleman I dealt with was a little on the bursque side. I asked for a well known mineral and water. ‘Just what’s on the list’ came the gruff reply. So I chose again. After handing me my change he turned his back to me which meant that I had to reach over the bar to retrieve the fizzy pop. I don’t make a habit of giving out about bar staff because a) I understand that it can be a tough job dealing with certain members of the public (hey, I do it every day) and b) they’re the people responsible for giving me beer! Back to the selection,  three Heineken taps and Desperado in bottles, ugh. Oslo is just across the street and they sell this:


I think it was The Beer Nut who put it best when he tweeted ‘it’s a full on chocolate assault, like being mugged by a box of Milk Tray’! Galway Bay Brewery’s Buried At Sea Chocolate Milk Stout really has to be tried. It’s rich and dark and perfect.

(I picked up a bottle in Lohan’s Off Licence before the show, they normally have a decent range on offer)

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  1. timadae says:

    Simon they have it on cask in Salthouse it’s doubly chocolate with lovely roasted coffee yum worth another trip to Galway I’d say

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