Forcing craft beer down people’s necks…


…probably isn’t the way to go. The term ‘Craft Wanker’ has been bandied about lately, who wants to be one of those?
So when my friend the stout drinker called last night I said I’d go easy on him.


I’ve written about a couple of Trouble Brewing’s beers here before. The Kildare brewery have a trio of very approachable beers. First up we had their Deception Golden Ale which is a well made ale that’s not overly bitter. A good one to start with if you normally drink one of the well known lagers and want to try something new.


Next we had the Sabotage IPA. My friend liked this one and said it had ‘…a bit of a bite!’. I haven’t had one of these in a long while and it’s better than I remembered. There are five different types of hops in this one Magnum, Galaxy, Williamette, Columbus and Cascade. A great IPA that doesn’t need to amp up the alcohol but packs in the flavour.


To round the evening off we had a pair of pints of the Dark Arts Porter. This tasty beer has beautiful chococaramel sweetness and has a way nicer mouthfeel than the big guns of the stout world. My friend agreed, not in so many words but simply: ‘That’s very nice!’.
These beers are all available in O’Brien’s.

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  1. hopsenbarley says:

    I feel like forcing craft brews on light lager drinkers is a mission for me too sometimes 🙂 I always recommend starting with Heffewiezens. It’s a nice gateway brew.

  2. You’re not wrong there, this man is a well established Guinness drinker so I felt it was ok to go a bit darker with him!

  3. It makes it hard not to be when I go out with friends as I only drink at Establishments that serve 100% Craft Beer. It’s ether that or at home for me usually.

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