Beer that sucks?


My old dear was visiting my sister in California recently, I asked her to bring me home a white whale. She wasn’t able to find it for me but did get me a bottle of the ‘limited release’ Lagunitas Sucks.
This beer was originally brewed in 2011 when they weren’t able to produce their Brown Shugga’ , it seems to take up a lot of their capacity or something! Having never had Brown Shugga’ I don’t know what I’m missing but this is an interesting beer in it’s own right. They describe it as a ‘Cereal Medley’ of barley, rye, wheat and oats and say that it’s full of ‘complexishness’.
As you can see above it’s a rich golden ale with a white head. It smells delicious! It’s surpisingly light and easy to drink for an almost 8% beer. I took my time with this one and it really paid off. The beer opened up really nicely, revealing something new with every sip starting out bitter and citrussy and finishing up more malty and mellow. The worst part was finishing it knowing that I only had the one. The people at Lagunitas really shouldn’t bother with false modesty, this is a great beer!

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