99 Redwell Balloons!


Redwell’s Pale Ale was mentioned in the long Alltech Brew Fair review. They had a few other beers available for take away and my friend the Classical Liberal did so. I helped lighten his load by relieving him of a few bottles, that’s just the kind of caring friend I am.


My wonderful wife the Cider Correspondent recreated the dinner we had at South of Beale in Memphis last month. It was a lovely spicy popcorn for starters and during and afterwards! The main course was duck fried rice with an egg on top with a little soy and tabasco sauce. I had Redwell’s IPA with it and they worked remarkably well together. The spiciness of the popcorn was met with the fruity flavours of the beer and the bitter hops cut right through any starch from the rice and egg combo. This beer would be just as great on it’s own. The Cider Correspondent had an Aspall’s Suffolk Cider, she didn’t really rate it, fierce fussy woman altogether! 


Later in the evening I popped open the Steam Lager. This is a bit of a lager/ale hybrid, it uses lager yeast and is fermented like an ale. It has a lot going on and would stand head and shoulders over any lager that springs to my mind. The main thing it retains from the lager style is that it has a crisp clean finish.
This is the ninety ninth blog post (give or take, one or two were only pictures! ) and I really want to round off the century with a special one. If the stars are aligned correctly and everything falls into place as I hope it will then you may be in for a treat. Well I’ll be in for a treat and you, Dear Reader, can share in the experience! 

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