Into the wild west… beer by the sea


Yesterday was what we Irish like to call a ‘soft day’, slightly tongue in cheek, it means mild and wet. Sure what else would you be doing only going for a walk on the beach and bringing a picnic. The best part is that you have the whole beach to yourself, you can have fun if you are properly prepared.


After an hour or so of drawing in the sand, paddling in the shallow water and examining sea shells you’d have a bit of a hunger worked up. We had brought some home made tomato bisque (or soup depending on how posh you’re feeling) and some ham and cheese bread we’d picked up in a French style bakery along our way.


I also just happened to have a bottle of Scarlet Fever from the Wild Beer Company, a bottle opener and a sturdy plastic pint tumbler. It’s an American style amber ale. I don’t know if it’s fair to review it after a couple of hours of being sloshed around in the boot of the car but I only had one bottle. Naturally enough it had a huge head but that settled down nicely.  It smells very fruity and that carried through to the first sip. This was then cut by the hops. A very well put together beer and a great way to spend an afternoon.

*I’ve a funny feeling drinking outside is kind of illegal, so I’m not recommending you follow my example.

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