Jon Snow knows very little about hoppy American IPA


Continuing the month old tradition of having a ‘special’ beer while watching Game of Thrones, last night I started with Route 113 IPA from Sly Fox. Ian 11pm Somewhere described it thus ‘a really nice beer…so much flavour crammed into a small can, it’s batshit insane’, which sums it up better than I could.


My friend Adrian the Journalist was recently in New York and he was good enough to bring me back a very special treat. Sixpoint’s beers aren’t available in Ireland yet, Wetherspoon’s in the UK have a trio of their beers but Resin, their Double IPA is not one of them. It’s quite bitter like the aforementioned Jon Snow’s tears. At the same time I thoroughly enjoyed it. The beer that is, as opposed to Jon’s distress, I’m not completely heartless. I would’ve liked another can, my wife will be glad of an excuse for a trip to New York! 


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  1. simon682 says:

    Have you any beer inspired ways of watching the football?

  2. Route 113 IPA seems to be a great beer. I will try to find it on the shelves here in Brazil. Cheers

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