Ireland’s Strongest Beer


A couple of years back there was a controversial race to produce the strongest beer in the world. Ireland didn’t have a horse in the race. Or a beer for that matter. The Porterhouse’s Devil’s Halfacre is not a late attempt at an entry but it just happens to be the strongest commercially available beer produced in Ireland, that I’m aware of at least! I should warn or inform you that it’s 13.5%. (Cheers Roy for the reminder!) It’s a Dark IPA which has been aged for six months in Kilbeggan Whiskey Barrels. I wouldn’t have put IPA in the description at all myself as I find it similar to some other barrel aged beers I’ve had, rich like fruit cake and sticky. It’s more sweet than you’d expect from something dubbed an IPA as well. None of that is a bad thing as it’s very drinkable. It doesn’t have a harsh alcoholic burn but it’s one to spend some time savouring.  Recommended. Sláinte! 

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5 Responses to Ireland’s Strongest Beer

  1. Seán Kelly says:

    It’s a barley wine, no matter what they say on the label. It’s actually the second time they attempted an Imperial IPA and ended up with barley wine, Louder being the first effort.

  2. John Maher says:

    Does natural fermentation end at around 5% so this has secondary fermentation so it must be wine

    • Simon says:

      I don’t know about that now, I’ve drank loads of beers at over 5%, I would say the definition would hinge more on the type of yeast used. But I’m open to correction here…

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