A simple auld sandwich and a beer…


Taking inspiration from Jamie Oliver’s ultimate cheese toastie and the fact that it’s starting to get a little chilly in the evenings my wife rustled up this snack for me last night. She looks after me very well indeed! The cheese was picked up in Sheridan’s Cheesemongers but we didn’t get the name of it. It was accompanied by a Clew Bay Sunset from the West Mayo Brewery. It’s a Red Ale, the first beer from the first Mayo brewery with Mescan and Reel Deal following hot on their heels. It’s a solid well made ale and it went well with the sandwich. It’s not fancy or adventurous but sure you couldn’t be drinking high faluting beer with a cheese sandwich no matter what recipe or cheese you’re using! I’ll have to get my mitts on their golden ale and porter as well. Apparently the porter has bog myrtle from their own farm, I like the sound of that! Sláinte!

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