Three hoppy Irish beers


It feels like ages since I’ve done a straight forward post like this! Brown Paper Bag are Dublin based but this beer was brewed in Pivovar Vyskov in the Czech Republic. It’s dubbed an India Pale Lager so, it’s a lager but hoppier. It’s pretty good but I imagine I would have enjoyed it more on a sunny afternoon out in the garden. But that’s not their fault!


Red Mist from Stone Barrel is more suited to a cold Autumn night. It’s a sessionable Amber at 4.2% but it has plenty going on with five types of malt and three different hops. ( East Kent Goldings, Cascade and Centennial) Recommended.


Blackstairs Ruby Red IPA is a similar beast if a little hoppier again. I would call it an Amber as well myself.  It’s slightly stronger at 5% and there are some nice citrussy hops and some toffeeish malt. Worth a try . Sláinte!

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