Oktoberfest from the pretender to the original!


Flying Dog have taken Oktoberfest beer and put their own spin on it with the cheeky DOGtoberfest Marzen. It’s a lovely amber colour and it’s sweet and malty. The most exciting thing about it though is the Ralph Steadman artwork though which is unusual for this stable.


One of the biggest Munich breweries Hofbrau have a more traditional Oktoberfestbier. It’s more golden and goes down very easily. And then you check the label and it’s 6.3%! I’d have to be swept up after a few half litres! I had it with the traditional Bavarian dish Mac and Cheese. The right job. Sláinte!

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  1. Andrew Brogan says:

    I always liked “point fives” for half litres! Not too much of a change of vocab from the pint!

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