Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum & Founder’s Breakfast Stout


I’ve had both of these beers before but much to my surprise I never thought to share them with you! The Sierra Nevada Hoptimum is a Whole Cone Imperial IPA. They’ve fired hop cannons into the brew, they’ve thrown sacks of hops into the mix, I’m only surprised that there weren’t any hops left floating in the bottle. If you’re a serious hop head you’ll love this! You could pair it with a spicy Indian dish or you could just leave it until the last beer of the night as it will destroy your pallette. In a good way. Not for the faint of heart but a fantastic beer.


Founder’s Breakfast Stout is a Double Chocolate Coffee and Oatmeal Stout. These are all things that I like and I am a fan of the vast majority of Founder’s beers. This is one of their superior brews and that’s saying something. There’s a lot of the coffee and it gets better as it warms up. A phenomenal stout. Both of these beers are 10% so I’d recommend taking it easy with them. Sláinte!


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9 Responses to Sierra Nevada’s Hoptimum & Founder’s Breakfast Stout

  1. Seán Kelly says:

    Founders Breakfast > Beer Geek Breakfast for me. By a long way. Cracking beer.

  2. anthparkin says:

    I am so full of beer envy at you lucky Americam beer drinkers. I cant wait to source these in the uk. I’m going to google stockists in the Uk right now. Wish me luck

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