Cherry and Chocolate Stouts: Are they beer or puddings?


A few of us bloggers met in Bison Bar yesterday to celebrate Ian ’11pm Somewhere’ Bergin’s birthday. They had Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout in bottles and it went well with our mountains of meat and the delicious brownies we had for dessert. Always a warm welcome and great service in Bison, if you haven’t eaten there, you need to!


Afterwards we made the short trip to The Norseman where I enjoyed a pint of the lesser spotted Bo Bristle Pilot Brew Number One: Milk Chocolate Stout. It’s superb on draught, rich, smooth, malty and it has a wonderful chocolate aroma. Get it while you can in The Norseman if you live in Dublin or The Malt House if you call Athlone home.


The next and final stop on our itinerary was The Beerhouse. Incredibly I haven’t ever been there before. Coincidentally former Athlonian Krys was pulling the pints! I stuck with the black stuff and tried Trouble Brewing’s Dash Away Cherry Chocolate Stout. Again it was a really good stout, the chocolate came through a lot more prominently than the cherry though. Nevertheless it was a great beer to drink chilling out on the couch by the fire. I’ll be visiting The Beerhouse again. Sláinte!

Ps: it was kind of a rhetorical question…

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