Dark Nirvana from Pokertree Brewing Co


Nirvana. If you asked me who I preferred twenty years ago, Nirvana or Pearl Jam, Nirvana was always the answer without any hesitation. You couldn’t say both. I’d still say Nirvana if anyone cared to ask today. Ah the 90s were simpler times. I remember first hearing ‘Teen Spirit’ on Dave Fanning’s 2fm show. And MTV used to play music videos. Not just on the late night 120 Minutes or Alternative Nation either, during the day! I remember buying the cassette and bringing it home and my Ma asked what I had bought and I replied ‘Nevermind’, I may have gotten a clip around the ear for my cheek. That’s enough rose tinted nostalgia for one day though.
Apparently you can trace Kurt Cobain’s roots back to County Tyrone, the home of Pokertree Brewing. Dark Nirvana is an homage to that troubled genius. It’s a Cascadian Ale with a shot of espresso thrown in for good measure. I’ve had (and liked) Pokertree’s beers before but this one raises the bar. It’s well hopped with Green Bullet, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade. It has some black pepper and pine flavours. It’s one that you should spend some quality time with. Roy Quareswally.co.uk praised this one and named it one of his favourite beers of 2014. He was bang on the money. It’s 6.5% so the 500ml uses up all of your, cough, recommended daily allowance of beer. That’s okay though as I don’t know what you could follow it with. Slàinte!

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  1. That sounds like a tasty beer. I wish that I could get it here in Canada but alas I can not. The perils of following blogs so far from your home base. The one thing I want to point out in the question of Pearl Jam or Nirvana is that you missed the most important grunge band of the 90’s (In my opinion that is) in Alice In Chains.

    I will leave you with this video

  2. Looks illegal from both Canada and USA (I live close to the border). Hmmmm well if either of us know people visiting the other country lets set up a trade.

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