Not brewing by numbers…


On my way home from Dublin on Monday I persuaded my better half to make a wee pit stop in Lucan so that I could check out The Corkscrew at Kenny’s. It’s not a terribly big off licence but the selection of beers packed into the fridges is well chosen. I got chatting with Michael and he told me about their beer club so we had something in common straight away!
I spotted a pair of beers from Derry’s Northbound brewery and decided to try them. The first was 08 Kolsch Style. The name is inspired by the number on the European Brewery Convention’s colour chart that corresponds with the beers golden hue. It’s a ‘Kolsch Style’ as only beers brewed in Cologne can be called Kolsch. The beer is warm fermented like an ale but then lagered like, eh, a lager to produce a truly unique beverage. I found it a little sweet but it wasn’t cloying. A very pleasant beer for the warm spell we’re enjoying at the moment.


The 26 Pale Ale takes it’s name from the IBUs or International Bittering Units. I would consider 26 to be on the lower end of the scale for a Pale Ale but no matter, it’s dry enough to be drinkable. It’s not bad at all but in my opinion the Kolsch (Style) is the better of the two. Sláinte!

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  1. Only in Cologne you say? Well they better talk to North America then as over 50% of breweries make a Kolsch if I was to make a guess.

  2. I just double checked two different ones available locally here and nope no style in the name just Kolsch.

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