All Ireland Craft Beer Festival: Part Two

BF 1

As part of my cunning plan to pace myself I had stayed over at my friend Tony’s and we took a stroll around the city on Saturday morning before heading back out to the festival. We saw a very colourful Hare Krishna parade. My bumper book of world religions tells me that alcohol, coffee, meat and recreational sex are all verboten so I won’t be signing up any time soon. They do make a good float though.
BF 4
My first stop was on the second day was the Killarney stand. I really liked their Munich Helles.
BF 6
Next on the list was Wicklow Wolf and their Elevation Pale Ale was excellent, hopefully we’ll see that out in the wild soon.
BF 9
Rascal’s Chardonnay Barrel Aged Saison had been recommended to me the day before and I was glad there was some left. It was certainly very different to everything else on offer.
BF 11
Then I caught up with my new friends Mister and Missus Kearns of White Hag fame and he gave me some of their Fleadh Red IPA which had been passed through a special homemade device which added a rake of extra citra to the mix. And sure why not?!
BF 12
I caught up with Sam who was looking very fetching in pink in keeping with his High Vis, I tried some of their Sour Brown Ale which I didn’t find very sour but pleasingly funky.
BF 25
The last beer of this post was Metalman’s Sahara Lager which was very aptly named and moreish. I have more pictures from the festival which I will post tomorrow. Thank you Tony for lending me your talents. If you like what you see go check out Tony Burke Jnr Photography on Facebook. Sláinte!

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