Metalman Heat Sink


Heat Sink is the latest to join the ranks of Metalman’s canned beer range. I’ve had this beer before on draught and liked it so was delighted to see it becoming more widely available. The beer is brewed with smoked malt and some cayenne pepper. It’s delicious, rich roasted like a great coffee and the spice tickles your tongue. While the can says to refrigerate, I wouldn’t recommend drinking straight from the fridge. Let it warm up a small bit and the flavours improve. I am going to have this again with chili con carne and I reckon it would be a great match for some barbecued brisket. Pick up a few for the weekend. Sláinte!

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4 Responses to Metalman Heat Sink

  1. Well It makes sense to call for refrigeration as without it it would be room temperature and that’s not good either in my books.

  2. No time to plan. Get off work, get home and grab beer.

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