Spanish Beers in the Supermarket


On a recent trip to Dunnes Stores I took a wander to the Beer section, as you do, and I spotted a pair of beers from DouGall’s which appears to be a Spanish brewery. I tried the 942 first. I couldn’t understand a word on the label apart from 33 IBUS, Cascade, Simcoe and Pale Ale. Good enough. Chicken and chorizo paella was on the menu at home so it seemed an appropriate pairing. And it was! The beer has that citrussy bitterness that makes it very satisfying to drink. It went well with the spicy chorizo. Well worth picking up a couple of bottles with your weekly shop.


Next I tried the Leyenda, an Extra Special Bitter. Despite having slightly more of them IBU things this didn’t seem as bitter, I found the caramel malt flavours provided a bit of balance. Not a bad beer but I’d prefer the 942. Sláinte!

ps: WordPress tells me the blog is two years old today, imagine that!

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