A Storm and a Pumpkin


One of the more divisive topics among beer fans is that of pumpkin beer. There are those who would just as soon pour anything with a hint of the fleshy plant straight down the drain and there are others who can’t wait for pumpkin season to roll around. Personally, I enjoy a few pumpkin beers, once a year. My first of 2015 was Brooklyn’s Post Road. I wasn’t able to get my hands on any of this beer last year. So there was a tingle of anticipation. It’s not bad, there is a nice bit of cinnamon coming through and it’s pretty drinkable. I don’t think it’s  going convert anyone that isn’t already fond of pumpkin beers though. If you want to read about lots of other American pumpkin beers just type ‘pumpkin’ into the search box. My friend Sean Lightholder went all out last year!


A rather more straightforward proposition is Victory’s Storm King Imperial Stout. It took a couple of weeks to get from Dublin down to my local O’Brien’s for some reason so once again I had this beer built up in my imagination. It didn’t let me down. It’s 9.1% but the alcohol is well hidden in with the delicious roast coffee flavours. It has a rich vicious mouth feel and finishes dry. It’s a damn fine beer. And it’s around the €4 mark which is seriously good value in my opinion. Pick this one up if you see it. Sláinte!

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