O Brother Brewing are on to something!


Two more beers from O Brother Brewing landed on the shelves of O’Brien’s yesterday. I was in like Flynn. Okay, I was in today. Thursday is a day of rest for my palate and my liver. The first one to be opened was The Fixer, an American style Amber or Red Ale. It does exactly what it says on the bottle. Woos you with malty goodness before whacking you around the jaws with citrussy hops. It’s a top notch beer.


Brutus Double IPA was next on the menu. It’s 9 odd per cent so I shared it with a friend. He noted that there was wheat in the brew. I assured him that it wasn’t a wheat beer. The standout thing about the beer is the rich biscuitty malty aroma and taste. There are hops there but the rough edges are tamed by the wheat. How is this 9% plus? Fair play to ye lads, this is one epic brew. Sláinte!

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  1. The Double IPA sounds delightful.

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