A new pair of Wolves


Two new Wicklow Wolves landed on the shelves of O’Brien’s last week. My good lady wife picked them up for me and I cracked them open Friday night. The Elevation Pale Ale is very good, juicy, and I liked it.


The more interesting beer was their new collaboration with Java Republic: A Beer Called Rwanda. I like coffee. And I am also fond of a beer or two. I even enjoy some coffee stouts. This was too much like an iced coffee for me though. ( I’m not a fan of iced coffee) I let it warm up a bit but that didn’t help. In fairness, I think this is the first beer from Wicklow Wolf that I haven’t been impressed by. Give it a try yourself and see what you think. I hope I don’t get the sack from #irishbeerchat… sláinte!

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